Vash's Crossing

Milo Tanglefoot and Pandric

Milo and Pandric are continuing their journey together, looking for anywhere they can amass a fortune. While crossing the forest of Westfall, they notice that the birds and other animals seem to be amiss. After beginning to travel north, the forest settles down. Deciding to investigate they return to the south and Milo begins to speak with the animals. A bird gives off a sense of both fear and excitement, urging them south and giving only one name: Samantha.

They follow the bird and eventually arrive outside a cabin famished, and smell fresh baked bread coming from the cabin. Knocking on the door they are met by Samantha who immediately invites them in and offers them bread with butter. They accept and begin to ask her about what is happening to the forest. Samantha assures them that nothing is wrong, and that the animals are looking forward to a great change that is about to come. She refuses to go further into what this change is but assures them that is for the good of the forest.

By way of thanks for the bread, they agree to help her with a small chore and begin to dig a hole for her in the ground at the base of a large tree.


Always looking for any opportunities that present themselves, Bernard is offered a job performing his bardic arts for a trade festival at Vash's Crossing. He is given the name of Samantha as his hiring contact and makes his way there. On arriving, the festival has begun to set up with tents being pitched across a bridge from the small permanent area.

Bernard approaches the local tavern to gain more information but is greeted by a sign: "Locals only" with two young boys guarding the door. Attempting to get information out of them and to get them to let him in, they summon men from within the tavern. The men quickly and gruffly send him on his way telling him that he can find Samantha in the nearby forest.


Zephyr arrives at Vash's Crossing after a long journey from a far away continent, being sent with a bag containing mysterious crystals from his patron, the Fey Lord Odhran. He was to bring one of the crystals to the druidess Samantha. Entering the festival area, he also makes his way to the tavern and is greated by the two children at the door. They immediately summon the men from inside, never having seen a tiefling before. The men inside refuse to let him in, but send Zephyr on his way with directions to Samantha's.

Bernard, having seen this interaction, follows Zephyr and eventually introduces himself and they continue on to Samantha's. Arriving, they are greeted by the same smell of baked bread. Knocking on the door they are greeted by Symantha and brought inside. Bernard introduces himself as the bard that she had hired. Samantha tells him that he is replacing the usual minstrel who performs and that his presence is a surprise for Vash, and to wait for the festival for the reveal.

Bernard leaves to return to the festival to find a place to sleep. At this point, Zephyr reveals the crystals to Samantha, who tells him to take one out and asks him to follow her. Samantha leads further into the forest and approaches the large tree that Milo and Pandric were working at. When they arrive, having never met a tiefling before, and believing the evil lore associated with them draws his sword. Eventually Samantha, with Milo's help, is able to get Pandric to put his weapon away.

Samantha has Zephyr drop the crystal into the hole that Milo and Pandric had just dug. The crystal and the ground directly around it begins to glow. Samantha asks all three to cover the hole again, and she returns to the cabin.

Marcer Orel

Marcer, beginning his journey as a Scout of Westfall, is sent to Vash's Crossing to find different opportunities for his travels. He is given a contact of Warden Brodi to check in with to get help and advice. Arriving at Vash's Crossing he makes his way to the tavern and is allowed in by the locals on noticing him as a Scout of Westfall. He meets Warden Brodi who is in charge of the local security. He offers to introduce Marcer to some merchants at the festival going in various directions.

In return for the aid, Marcer offers his services around the crossing. Brodi asks him to check in with the local healer, Samantha, after he's had two different reports of strangers seeking him out. Marcer agrees and on his way to the cabin, comes across a returning Bernard. After a quick conversation he learns that Bernard was hired by Samantha and continues on.

An obviously flustered Samantha, from all the visitors, greets him at the door. Upset that she's run out of bread, she's unable to offer him anything to eat. Marcer explains why he is there and Samantha assures him that she is fine and that those who came are helping her.

Returning from covering the hole Zephyr, Milo, and Pandric return and briefly meet Marcer. Milo, concerned about any potential harm to the forest from what they did presses Samantha for more information about the crystal. Samantha drops into druidic speach, and while still not giving details assures Milo that what she did is only good for the forest.

Zephyr, in a seperate conversation, also asks about the crystals he is carrying and what to do now. Samantha tells him that they are favors from Lord Odhran to different individuals, and that he should continue to travel until the bearers of the other crystals are pointed out to him.

Samantha then tells all of them about the opening feast for the festival the next day. Milo and Pandric, always on the search for their next meal, meet this news with eagerness. To Zephyr, she insists he attend as her guest.

Marcer returns and informs Brodi what happened and then joins in with the seasonal guard encampment.

Everyone else returns to Vash's crossing and finds/sets up tents on the common area.



Lorglath Lorglath

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