The Feast

Samantha arrives early in the morning insisting on Zephyr, much to his annoyance, accompanying her to go shopping to get him clothing to wear for the festival. She drags him through different tents, always leaving behind hints and promises for the vendors that she could arrange a meeting between them and Lord Vash in return for whatever she purchases.

Samantha and Zephyr eventually make their way to the festival where Bernard has already arrived dressed in his bardic outfit, performing for the crowd. Marcer is there providing security with the guards under Warden Brodi. Milo and Pandric arrived early and immediately started drinking awaiting the food.

Samantha and Zephyr walk to the center table, and shortly after that Lord Vash arrives to great fanfare. Everyone cheers and crowds around him, while he roars in greeting and laughter. He also arrives at the table, where Samantha introduces him to Zephyr. She also mentions all the merchants she met during the day. Vash sighing, summons a young boy acting as his page to take a note of the merchants for him to talk to later to appease them for Samantha’s rampage through the shopping thents.

Bernard is presented as a surprise to lord Vash and he takes out his lute to begin to perform. The crowd cringes as Bernard begins out with a horribly off key lute, and a string breaks. Bernard in a flourish puts the lute away, and instead begins in on a song he prepared detailing the adventures of Lord Vash against The Dark Revelers. This goes much better, and the crowd and Lord Vash are enthralled and erupt into applause at the end.

The feast continues, with Marcer striking up a conversation with some merchants. He is introduces to Galvan and Sotak who both are willing to hire him on for their caravans when they leave the festival.

Pandric at this point has continued to drink and is now wallowing in self pity and remembering his times on the battle fields. Milo stays close, keeping an eye on his friend and keeping him under control.

Screams echo above the normal loud buzz of the crowd from the far end of the clearing the feast is being held in. Marcer is the nearest and first to respond, with Zephyr close behind. They arrive, pushing the crowd assid to see a Gnoll crouched over a dead body, looking up at them. Lord Vash shouts out for someone to give him a sword, to which Bernard offers up his rapier.

The crowd scatters, and Marcer, Zephyr, Milo, Pandric, Bernard, and Lord Vash, and two guards engage the gnolls with Samantha holding behind them in support. The group of adventurers are broken off into two fronts. Pandric in a drunken state has a flashback to the battlefield and is unable to fight clearly. Eventually Milo is able to shake him out of it to continue the fight and eventually they manage to stop the first few sets of gnolls.

More gnolls arrive and the party is able to combine again into one front. At the same time Warden Brodi arrives and signals to Samantha that it is time to finish this. He charges forward to engage one of the gnolls. Samantha leaps forward transforming into a dog and then vanishes only to reappear next to another gnoll. The remaining gnolls advance on the party. After a long fought battle, a horn in the distance sounds and the gnolls begin to retreat. None of the gnolls are able to escape the party, with the last blow coming from one of Zephyr’s spell as they try to escape.


Lorglath Lorglath

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