Lord Vash


Vash is an incredibly tall and large older human. He is loud and brash, obviously out to draw the most out of life possible.


Vash as a young man was an adventurer. Well traveled and experienced, he worked often times as a mercenary, and at others wandered from town to town seeing to as he said: “See what trouble I can get into.”

One particular adventure was when Vash was working as a mercenary for The Port City of Maaresh. Vash was leading a group of other mercenaries and through a week long campaign tracked down and fought The Dark Revelers to the shores nearby a lighthouse they had taken over. The mercenaries mercilessly drove The Revelers into the water, with the leader of The Revelers fighting his way up the lighthouse followed by Vash. Vash eventually slew the leader, pushing the body off the side of the lighthouse to fall in the water. This adventure would later be set to song by Bernard

Vash eventually retired from adventuring, having made his wealth and fortune as a young man he returned to care for his sick father in a cabin at the edge of the forest of Westfall. Eventually, as friends and travellers continued to pass through, the area grew and became known as Vash’s Crossing.

Lord Vash

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