Vash's Crossing

Notable Characters: Lord Vash , Samantha , Warden Brodi

Vash’s Crossing grew from the small cabin of Lord Vash’s father near the southern border of Westfall forest. Once an adventurer, Vash returned to the cabin when his father fell ill. He had made many contacts while adventuring, and many of them would make it a point to stop by the cabin. Always willing to get rest to any who could share tales of the adventures he so missed, it quickly became a stopping point for travellers. They would trade with Vash and others on their way through.

Years would pass and drawn by the trade and company of others some tired travellers and local woodsmen began to set up their own homes in the area. Never growing very large, the area around his father’s cabin grew into a small trading outpost. Due to Vash’s larger than life personality and how central to the community he was, the locals began to call the area Vash’s Crossing for the location near a bridge over the river Sigurn. They also began to give Vash the honorific title of Lord, and he became the defacto leader of the area.

Eventually Vash’s father passed away, and unwilling to abandon what he felt was his responsibility to the people there, vowed to stay. He was determined that if he was going to stay, he would continue to grow Vash’s crossing. With that in mind, he began to contact all of his old friends and planned for a large feast. He urged them to all arrive at the beginning of summer, and to spread news of the gathering everywhere they went. Summer came, and his friends and a good many others came for the first festival at Vash’s Crossing.

Every year from then on, the festival would be held and more and more people would come. Horse lords from the southern plans came to sell their horses and trappers from Westfall forest in the north came to sell their furs. Nearby farmers would prepare large meals, for which Lord Vash compensated them greatly. Even the great merchants of Aramal made trips for the trade festival, and Vash’s Crossing became more and more of a stopping point known by all.

Vash's Crossing

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