Milo's Revival

Not wasting any time, the group rushes back to Vash’s Crossing with Milo’s body. Once there they are told that while no one nearby can revive him, there may be help at The Pillar. They are given horses to speed their journey, and accompanied by Galvan who has business there.

On the way they come across an odd sight of a burning wagon with no one around and the horses still attached, not panicking at all. Going to investigate, horses approach from the east. A group of knights from The Pillar, led by Lieutenant Aarionad question them as to what happened. Believing them to be suspects, he invokes multiple zones of truth to find their purpose and that they did not know what happened. Once being satisfied, he escorts them to The Pillar.

Once they arrive, they are immediately taken to an area where Medite enters to preserve Milo’s body so that it can be transported the rest of the way to the City-State of Aramal.

Later that night, Zephyr is visited by a vision of his patron to go see Medite. After giving Medite one of the crystals, he offers some insight to Zephyr on what the crystals are for. He says that they are gifts of power from his patron to various beings in order to enlist their aid and support.

Once again wasting no time, the group leaves for Aramel in the morning, this time in the company of Lieutenant Aarionad. When they reach the city, Aarionad brings them to the temple of Savaat. They are led to a secluded room and Givinia enters. She informs them that Samantha had entered into the cave of The Necromancer and retrieved the orb. She sent it on to Aramel while the group was traveling, and it will be sufficient to revive Milo.

The doors close, and after a long ritual, Milo is revived.


Lorglath Lorglath

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