The Necromancer's Cave

The following morning after the feast, the adventurers gather at the festival grounds. There they meet a devastated Samantha claiming that she’s to blame for what happened. She informs them that the ritual she was completing at her home drew the attention of something from within the forest that did not want it to succeed. Because of that, everyone who was at her house has been magically targeted, which the gnolls used to track them down. While the beasts were killed, the target remains with the only way to remove it is to find the source.

The group questions Samantha more forcefully about what she did with the crystal and tree. She informs them that she was making a deal with a powerful being to bring magic back to the forest. She assures them that this is not an evil force, and that the effects will only be good for the forest and those around.

The group having no choice, agrees to backtrack where the gnolls came from. They leave and follow the trail left by the gnolls a days journey north into the forest where they come across a cave. Shortly after entering the cave they find themselves facing more gnolls and after dispatching them are able to figure out that this cave is a long abandoned operating base of Uthisan.

Continuing on they come to a heavy wooden door and after entering find themselves in a large cavern, in the middle of which is a gigantic gnoll. They defeat the gnoll and after investigating the area find two small doors on the west and east end of the cavern containing a large snake to the west. Milo attempts to speak with the snake, and can only get out of it that others like it have been experimented on and taken deeper into the cave. Trying to convince the snake to help them, they release the snake which then immediately speeds away to leave the cave.

Leaving the cavern behind, they exit from another heavy door to the north. They find themselves in a man made section of the cave, clearly dug out and carved by hand. Hearing voices, they sneak up to a room, and overhear small bits about the gnolls and instructions from the “boss.” Entering the room, they engage the men inside and capture two of them. After interrogation, the men inform the group that they are mercenaries hired by The Necromancer. This necromancer has been creating zombies further down in the cave from the gnolls. They also mention that he seems to be controlling far more than he should be able to.

The mercenaries are able to convince the group that if they are allowed to leave they would put down their weapons and not engage in their activities anymore. They are escorted out of the dungeon, forced to give up all equipment and flee.

Venturing further into the cave, they find a hole going down to the next level that the mercenaries had mentioned, and before it find a magical glyph in the ceiling. Thinking to lay in wait, they activate the glyph. Nothing happens and they continue on entering the lower level.

Hearing running water, they find a small stream flowing further in, and nearby it a zombie gnoll. Pushing it into the water, it is quickly carried away. Following the stream they enter another large cavern with an underground lake and a path snaking around the edge.

At the end of the path they see a well furnished room with two zombie gnolls and a figure in dark robes – The Necromancer. They rush in to attack, and the necromancer flees to the back of the room where an orb sits on top of a pedestal. Pandric and Milo move to engage the zombies, while the rest of the party follows the necromancer.

After scoring some initial hits on the zombies, the necromancer uses the orbs and the party can see the zombies healing and regaining their health. Unable to bring the zombies down quickly, and with few options left, Milo attempts to grab one of the zombies and throw him into the lake. Before he is able to accomplish this, the zombie strikes him down. The rest of the party tries to end the fight quickly, but is unable to get to Milo in time to save him from death.

When the necromancer finally is defeated, a voice echos out that if he will not survive than neither shall they, and a wall breaks open and water begins to flood the cave. Gathering Milo’s body the group rushes through the cave to escape before it is completely filled. They escape the entrance, with water pouring out behind them.


Lorglath Lorglath

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