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  • The Dark Revelers

    _*[[Groups | Back to Groups]]*_ Organization of smugglers who once operated near [[The Port City of Maaresh | The Port City of Maaresh]]

  • The Horselords

    _*[[Groups | Back to Groups]]*_ *Notable Characters:* [[:galvan | Galvan]] Nomadic group of tribes that form together as a nation to the south of [[Aramal | Aramal]]

  • Order of Savaat

    _*[[Groups | Back to Groups]]*_ *Notable Characters:* [[:savaat | Savaat]] , [[:co-counsel-massav | Co-Counsel Massav]] , [[:captain-valsor | Captain Valsor]] , [[:givinia | Givinia]] [[:medite | Medite]] Holy order devoted to the god [[:savaat | …